Manuela Aldabe

Born in Montevideo, she is an intimate, sensitive yet audacious and methodical artist, known primarily for her representations and reflections on the figure of women. Formed in Italy and after more than a decade in Europe, she has dedicated her artistic practice to exploring power relations, beauty and native Uruguayan plants, among other themes. Although Manu Aldabe’s work is focused on feminist militancy, against sexual violence and the visibility of minorities, it is also characterized by her research in photographic and creative techniques, as well as in the production of an artistic work of her own, using creative techniques as well as the production of an extensive graphic work full of poetry. The artist’s work serves as therapy to endure the crude reality, a relationship between life, body, and environment, which through her eyes evokes the connections between the physical and the ethereal, the tragic in the real and the elevated in the symbolic and spiritual.

David de la Mano
Montevideo 2020